We are ISO certified experts with over 15 years of experience in wide range of applications.

We have probably the only FAA approved course certified engineer providing shot peening in India since 10 years.

The machines we have are installed with latest electronic controls, and calibrated gages to ensure process and quality control.

  We would like to extend our expertise to help you enhance your components through shot peening, blast cleaning and Protective coating.

How we can help you?

Consultancy for shot peening:
We provide consultancy for setting up shot peening facility, machine selection, gages, process validation and training on international standards and shot peening procedures. We can take trials of shot peening with different intensities on your parts and test the parts for residual stress values for validating the shot peening process.

Consultancy for blasting Cleaning:
We provide consultancy for setting up of blast cleaning facility, machine selection, gages, as well as training on international cleaning standards and procedures.

Regular training of workmen is essential part of improving productivity. We provide training on topics like Machine maintenance, Quality control, measuring system analysis for operators, and supervisors

We can offer our facility for carrying out trials of various processes through our wide range of equipments.