Shot Peening on Spring Plate


The images below are of spring plates. Spring plates are used in many areas such as Industrial, Pharmaceutical, Machineries, Aviation, Automotive, Gadgets, etc.

As it is in continuous use, due to contraction and compression, the fatigue life of the product reduces. Because of continuous use, the surface of the product may get cracks on it and because of which there is a possibility that the product may break.

So to increase the life of a product, Shot Peening process is a must. Shot Peening process helps to build such a surface that is corrosion resistant, Shot Peening process prevents cracks on the surface of the product. Shot Peening also helps to improve coating on the surface of the product. This process also increases the strength of the product and makes the product more duarable.

Shot Peening is a method of cold working in which compressive stresses are induced in the exposed surface layers of metallic parts by the impingement of a stream of shots directed at a metal surface at high velocity under controlled conditions.


1) To improve the fatigue life of the product

2) To prevent erosion of the product

Corrective Measures

Shot Peening helps to increases resistance to Fatigue failure, Corrosion fatigue, Hydrogen assisted cracking, Cavitation erosion, Stress corrosion cracking, Galling Fretting. It also helps with surface texturing, intergranular corrosion resistance, closing of porosity, testing of bond coatings, work hardening, increased strength, and increased durability.


After Shot Peening process the fatigue life of the product increases and the surface of the product becomes resistant to cracks, porosity, erosion and the strength and durability of the product increases.

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